The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

God has another Plan for me

Before I came to faith, I was seeking the spiritual path through a Buddhist meditation Vipassana course in Belgium. After a few days of meditation, we (the students) would begin to "cleanse the soul." During this process, I fainted (Jesus Christ prevented this "cleansing") and left the meditation center under false pretenses (heart disease). This landed me in the Spiritual World in which I had seven psychoses (Spiritual Struggles, in which I was admitted to a Psychiatric Institution during each psychosis via forced admission).

During the first psychosis, I was in the Psychiatric Institution and thought I am now being declared crazy in front of the whole world. I looked out the window at the clouds and thought now only God can save me now. The only thing I knew about God was "The Lord's Prayer" that was prayed every day at my elementary school before classes started. Little by little, the verses of "The Lord's Prayer" came back to my mind. At that time, "The Lord's Prayer" was my only foothold, and I have continued to pray it every day to this day.

My Conversion to Jesus Christ

As soon as I was discharged from the Psychiatric Institution, I immediately bought a Bible to get to know God. After reading the Bible intensively every day, I became convinced and so I decided in early 2007 that I wanted to be baptized to follow Jesus Christ. Full of good courage, I went to the Catholic Monastery in Mamelis to be baptized. A Father who knew me well told me that I had to get Catichesation first before he would baptize me. At this I returned home deeply disappointed.

Very indignant that I was not allowed to follow Jesus Christ, I spoke to Christians on the Internet that same day. I related my experience at the Catholic Monastery and they pointed out to me that I needed to pray to Jesus Christ so that He would come into my Heart. After surfing the Internet some more, I went to bed at ten o'clock at night. I did what the Christians on the Internet told me to do and persistently prayed to Jesus Christ to come into my Heart.

Then it literally happened! From all sides the blood flowed in and out of my Heart. My Heart was turned inside out and it became so violent that I no longer dared to pray any further. When I stopped praying, the touch of Jesus Christ also stopped. I immediately realized what I had done, that Jesus Christ was at work and that I had stopped praying. For this I asked forgiveness which was immediately answered by a tremendous adrenaline rush from head to toe (The Holy Spirit). Then I realized that I was in contact with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was literally speaking to me.

Completely bewildered, the stories of the Bible shot through my mind for an hour. Of all the stories in the Bible that I had doubts about, the doubts were removed (by The Holy Spirit). This made it clear to me:

Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life!

Eventually I was still baptized, and driven by the Holy Spirit, an intensive study journey through the Bible began, to learn all about this Jesus Christ. How the Holy Spirit taught me up to my Vocation about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ you can read under the button The Prophets.